Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poster war in Kerala CPM

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The infighting in the Kerala CPM has taken a new turn with posters decrying party general secretary Prakash Karat and state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan appearing across the state.

In Kozhikode, handwritten bills asking Karat to stay away from a planned feast at the house of a businessman, Surya Gafoor, were found in public places on Friday morning. `Prakash Karat, stay away from the lunch at Gafoor's house; Karat, save the pride of the communist; sincerity of the poor is more important than the luxury feast at Gafoor's house; Karat should not fall into a trap,'' are some of the exhortations in the posters.

With curious onlookers gathering around, CPM cadres quickly tore away the bills. Karat is scheduled to reach the district on Friday night and will be attending some events in the next few days. The businessman, however, is learnt to have denied that he had arranged any feast for Karat.

In the Communist stronghold of Nadapuram, posters denouncing Pinarayi appeared in the name of `Friends of CPM'. One of them read, `Pinarayi: Name of the place where CPM was born; Pinarayi Vijayan: Man of death of the Communist party in Kerala.'

Flex boards and banners steeped in sarcasm of CPM leaders were found in other places as well, including some CPM bastions.

The infighting had SFI members, close to CM V S Achuthanandan, burning the effigy of K E N Kunjahmed, secretary of the CPM's cultural outfit Progressive Art and Literature Organisation. Kunjahmed slammed the CM for going against the party line of supporting Pinarayi in the SNC-Lavlin scam.

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