Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now, CPM OK with Vijayan facing trial

6 Feb 2009

NEW DELHI: CPM is not averse to the court trial of Pinarayi Vijayan but he would not be asked to step down as the Kerala state secretary till he is indicted.

While the governor has sent CBI's request for trial to the state government, another PIL has been filed in the Kerala High Court asking it to directly order Vijayan's trial. "If HC orders the trial, it would solve much of our problem,'' a CPM source said, adding that no motive could be ascribed if the court does it. The state government has forwarded CBI's request to the advocate general for legal opinion.

The CPM politburo meeting on February 14 will discuss the Kerala situation in detail especially ways to end the never-ending factionalism. Chief minister VS Achutanandan will have to bear the brunt of attack and even action since a majority of politburo members are ranged against him. He might be asked to pay more attention to governance that has suffered in a big way.

The party thinks that the battle between the CM and Vijayan predates the Lavlin case and, therefore, the state secretary would not be sacrificed just because the CM wants it. "Unlike 2006, when there was public opinion in favour of Achutanandan, he has no support this time. The entire cabinet and majority of people in the state know it is a politically motivated case. CM wants Vijayan out for a long time,'' a party leader said.

The party has launched a sustained media campaign through its newspaper on the Lavlin case and hopes it would have no impact on its electoral prospects.

Party sources also make light of reports that Achutanandan would not be attending the party's Nav Kerala rally. "None of the ministers including home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has come for the rally,'' the source said.

The politburo will also discuss the current political situation in the country. Samajwadi Party's overtures towards Left, sources said, will not be entertained. CPM general secretary Prakash Karat's refusal to meet SP general secretary Amar Singh on the ground that both parties are on different page now is seen as Left's resolve not to do business with any party that is close to Congress.

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