Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nava Kerala March successfull: Pinarayi

19 February 2009: CPM State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan today said the Nava Kerala march led by him was a success and the party had succeeded in conveying the desired message to the people.

Addressing a press conference here, Vijayan reiterated that Kadavoor Sivadasan, the then Electricity Minister, was responsible for the cancellation of the Lavalin agreement.

Even though the then Chief Minister A K Antony had announced after visiting the cancer institute that the MoU would be renewed, the minister concerned had not taken timely steps to renew it, he accused.

The UDF was in power at the 'beginning and end' periods of the agreement, he said, in reply to a question, and added that he was not willing to go into the merit of the case.

Referring to the alleged letter of Balanandan, he said it was a forged document. Balanandan had never passed such comments to him.

In reply to a question on the DYFI activists taking the arrested persons from police custody forcibly at different centres in the state, he said the party would not support the forcible release of the arrested persons from police stations.

It was a culture of the RSS to release the arrested from police stations forcibly, but the party would not support such actions and only the court could release the arrested persons, he said.

Referring to 'media syndicate,' he said he was not against the media criticising the policies of the party or writing editorials.

Media syndicate was there earlier and it was a group engaged in creating news against the party and now that group had once again started its' activities, he said.

Asked about his party's relationship with the NSS and the church, he said there was no estrangement.

In a democracy it was natural to react against the comments or statements and that did not mean enmity, he added.

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