Saturday, February 7, 2009

Balanandan letters to Karat leaked

07 Feb 2009 Express News Service

Messing up the SNC-Lavalin controversy further, letters written by veteran CPM leader E Balanandan to the CPM general secretary in 2005 about the foul play in the SNCLavalin contract have been leaked.

Two letters sent by Balanandan in July 2005 in which he lamented that the party had lost face by inking the SNC-Lavalin agreement were published by ‘Janasakthi’ weekly in its latest edition that hit the news stands on Friday.

Facts presented by Balanandan in the letters are powerful enough to nullify all arguments raised by the Pinarayi camp for defending its leader.

The letter is supported by a number of documents and newspaper clippings. Balanandan examines in detail the provisions of the contract and lists serious lapses. ‘‘Ultimately, our state and country had incurred huge loss and damage (through this contract).

Our party’s face is also lost,’’ Balanandan said in the concluding paragraph of his first letter dated July 8, 2005.

Elsewhere in the letter, Balanandan said: ‘‘But, however, I must say that we have made serious mistakes. Other than a wrong political decision to go for a Canadian contract, even the normal conventional systems and formalities of project implementation and awarding of contract have been flouted.’’ Exactly a month later, he wrote another letter to Prakash Karat saying repair and renovation of Pallivasal-Chenkulam-Panniyar projects has been the costliest work in the country. The production cost for one unit of electricity had increased from 2 to 101 paise.

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