Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bangalore Blast: Nine Malayalees involved

BANGALORE: The Anti Terrorist Cell, including Corps Of Detectives (CoD) and Bangalore city police revealed the arrest of 15 men, of which nine are Malayalees, involved in Bangalore serial blast. The police reported to have finally succeeded in solving the serial blasts carried out in the city on July 25, 2008.

Today the police arrested four more militants who are said to be associates of India's most wanted Lashkar-e- Taiba terrorists like Riaz Bhatkal and Touqueer. Two of the accused are Sarfuddeen, son of Abdul Sattar, and Anwar, a radio repairer, residents of Mallapuram, Kannur and other parts of Kerala. As the scene of every bomb blast was a construction site, the accused had planted bombs by disguising themselves as labourers.

After these attacks, the youths were sent to Kashmir region for training from Kerala via Hyderabad, one of the ATC officials said.

Apart from these four, 11 more suspects have been detained by the police of neighbouring states. These suspects were also said to be involved in the Bangalore blasts.

Mohammed Sami, Abdul Sattar alias Sainuddeen, Abdul Jaleel, Muhammad Faizal, Mujeeb, Abdul Jabbar, Naushad, Ahmed Bawa, Ali and Badaruddin are among the accused.

The plot was revealed to the city police by Sattar during his interrogation. The Bangalore police had got his custody from Hyderabad police. The city police also got the custody of Abdul Jaleel, Muhammad Faizal and Mujeeb recently from Kerala police and interrogation has revealed the involvement of other accused in the Bangalore blasts. All the arrests are linked to a Kerala-based terror module which sent youths to LeT camps in PoK.

However, Touqeer played a major role in the Bangalore blasts. This confirms Sami's confession before the ATC earlier that during the blasts, Touqeer was present in the city and had informed him that his presence was for 'tomato work' (code word for bomb blast) which was in progress in city.

Sattar, an electronics engineer from Hyderabad from where he was arrested, is also accused of fabricating bombs fitted with timer devices that were used in Bangalore blasts.

After he was 'ordered'' by Riaz Bhatkal and Touqeer, Sattar allegedly sent his son Sarfuddeen and others to Bangalore with bombs.

Police took into custody Sattar, Faizal, Mujeeb and Jaleel again on Friday in connection with a case at the Koramangala police station.

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