Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pinarayi surrounded by coterie: Sebastian Paul

25 September 2009

Kochi, September 25: CPM fellow traveller and former Ernakulam MP Sebastian Paul Friday said Pinarayi Vijayan is in the grip of a coterie.

Accusing the CPM state secretary of believing in the canards spread by this coterie and acting against the media, the way Indira Gandhi acted in the run up to Emergency, Sebastian Paul said this will create severe consequences for the CPM.

He was reacting to an article written by Prabha Varma in Desabhimani daily which is the offical mouthpiece of the CPM.

Dr. Sebastian Paul who was voted an MP with LDF support three times and once as an MLA, hinted that he was denied a seat in the last parliamentary election because of this coterie. He said he had appraised Vijayan of the reality but he continued to criticise him in public venues despite conceding privately that beleived in what he said. This will create problems for Pinarayi Vijayan and the party in long term. Several friends of CPM have distanced themselves from the party because of this.

Sebastian Paul said while Vijayan has the right to criticise or reprimand him privately, but not in a public venue.

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