Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kerala police shielding culprits-CISF Chief

New Delhi: The C I S F chief has alleged that the Kerala police is trying to protect people accused of assaulting C I S F personnel in Thiruvananthapuram airport last month. C I S F director general N R Das made this allegation in a press conference here.

Das alleged that the state police charged the accused with petty offences and tried to shield the offenders and help them get away easily. The state government was forced to approach the incidence seriously and suspend concerned policemen only after strong pressure following report from the CISF officials at the airport.

Last month two drunken passengers –one Madothil Raghu from Kollam and an Ahamed Muhammed Jalack, an Egyptian √©migr√© from Britain –molested fellow passengers and beat up a C I S F inspector and an assistant sub-inspector when tried to intervene. During the whole incident both of them were shouting that they were close the son of a minister. While Raghu and Jalack were overpowered by C I S F officers someone secretly took three persons accompanying them away. Raghu and Jalack were handed to Valiyathura police. They were charged with drunken behavior and attempted assault –petty charges for serious offence.

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