Friday, March 27, 2009

BJP demands Kodiyeri's resignation

25 March 2009

Kozhikode: The BJP in Kerala Wednesday demanded the resignation of Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishan in the wake of High Court observation that law and order in the state was in shambles.

Speaking at a 'Meet-the-Leader' programme organised by the Calicut Press Club here, BJP state unit Secretary M.T. Ramesh charged that Balakrishan has no moral right to continue in office ''as law and order situation has deteriorated during his tenure.''

While disposing bail applications of three people arrested in connection withattempt to murder Abdul Rahim alias K.M.R. Guru case, Justice V. Ramkumar also said women were scared of walking even along busy highways and streets because erotic adventurers and chain snatchers operated there with impunity.

On the chances of the BJP winning the April 16 Lok Sabha elections in Kerala, he said the party expected a better performance in all the 20 seats in the state.
He accused both the CPM-led ruling Left Democratic Front and the Congress-led opposition United Democratic Front in the state for joining hands with communal forces ahead of the elections.

The LDF was in league with the PDP party and UDF with National Democratic Front, a Kerala based Muslim outfit, to meet their nefarious agenda, he alleged.

But both the fronts would come together to oppose the BJP as they did after the 2004 general elections, he added.

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