Friday, February 12, 2010

Million more families to get rice at Rs two

Thiruvananthapuram: Government plans to include another million families in the 'Rice for Rupees Two' scheme. This scheme is meant for farm labourers and workers engaged in traditional industries like coir manufacturing, cashew nut husking and handloom. It is learnt that the govt. is going to make the announcement in the next budget.
At peesent the beneficiaries of the scheme are people belonging to below poverty line (B.P.L.) category and A.P.L. people belonging
to fishermen, S.C/S.T. and people from Ashraya Scheme. As of now 2.6 million people get rice at Rs two.
The state govt. has not so far received the rice to be distributed at Rs three that the central govt has announced in the union budget so far. The state govt is diverting the rice quota it has received for distributing at Rs 6.30 for B P L and at 8.50 for A P L categories. Govt is giving 25 kg per month of rice to people belonging to B P L category and 35 kg to people belonging to Anthyodaya Annayojana scheme now.
Rice at Rs two for another million families will incur a financial burden of Rs 3.5 billions to the exchequer.

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