Monday, April 13, 2009

Vishu to ring in luck for Malayalis

13 Apr 2009,

AHMEDABAD: This year's Vishu may hold more significance than those in past few years. Malayalis may be more keen to ensure that coming year has better days in store for them. The belief goes thus: Your entire year will depend on what you see the first thing in the morning of Vishu, the first day of month of Medam of Malayalam calendar.

Vishu kani or the auspicious omen that is set up the previous night includes fruits, the indispensable laburnum flowers called kani konna', vegetables, jewellery, kodi vastram (new clothes), all spread in a bronze vessel (Uruli). Vishu celebrations are never complete without kaineetam', money that elders present to younger members of the family. "Vishu does not involve much expenditure. You can celebrate it, within limited resources," says Babu Ezhumavil, export-import consultant. Seemesh Pillai, an engineer working in Nigeria, has come down to be with his family for Vishu. "Vishu is where home is. And, it's not that being away from Kerala, we miss the fun. Of course, we don't burst crackers, but there is no decrease in the excitement." Ellavarkum Vishu ashamsakal!

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