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M Surendra Nathan Writes (The writer is Mumbai-based Lawyer and Law Lecturer)
For over fifty years of communist activism in Kerala, its ideologies of violence, atheism, purported rationalism, etc. have reached every nook and corner of the State. There is nothing called “collective consciousness of Godliness” amongst the Kerala Hindus.
In the wake of Delhi Police raiding Kerala House Canteen upon receiving clues that its canteen regularly served beefs to the bigwigs coming from Kerala, in direct defiance of the law and contempt towards the popular sentiments of the majority citizens of Bharat; the Chief Minister of Kerala, Oommen Chandy, threatening to drag the police to the court, etc. may be of great news value and amusements for the entire Hindus of Bharat, except those living in that State. It is, therefore, essential to analyse the historical background of the evolution of food preference of Keralites. If you happened to ask any common Hindu native of Kerala of Communist background regarding Hinduism, he/she would instantly respond to you by saying: “Oh! Religion is opium of the mass” while you would have heard or read in the media regarding reports concerning the former Kerala Marxist Chief Minister, VS Achuthanandan, openly declaring during the election campaign just prior to his assuming power in 2006: “It is the Government’s obligation to bring all the Mullahs and Madrassa teachers of Kerala on the pay-role of the Government”. True to the communist promises, he had ensured that he implemented the said election promise after coming to power. Achuthanandan, the CPI (M) Politburo member and one-time CM of Kerala publicly declared that the CPI (M) would never pursue Gandhian non-violence and in fact the aforesaid declaration is regarded by the political Pandits in Bharat as a call that legitimised the culture of violence and counter violence which devalued the rule of law and/or expunged every semblance of human values from the State.
Kerala is the only State in the country which has a gory tradition of political annihilation, popularly known as “the game of toppling of governments”. Since the formation of the State and since the first communist government came to power in 1957, there were numerous instances of “formation of governments” mostly by political parties represented by the CPI (M) and intermittently by the IUML, President’s Rule, Indian National Congress, Praja Socialist Party, etc. till today, who upon coming to power on the political stage turn-by-turn on this toppling game remains seated for strange periods, ranging from few days to five years. Except one of two governments, none of them ever completed the prescribed term of office. Nowhere in the entire world can one find such radical political thinking and consciousness as that of the citizens of Kerala, although the State is a small narrow strip of land bordering the Arabian Sea.
Thus, Kerala is Bharat’s cent percent literate state while at the same time it has the history of the highest number of political murders; it has the highest number of suicide rates compared with the rest of Bharateeya states; it has the highest number of people afflicted with mental ailments and various psycho-somatic disorders (all the mental hospitals in the State are burst at the seams); it has the highest number of divorce rates amongst its married people; it has the highest number of youths of opposite sex living together without marriage ever since the UPA-Parliament enacted the legislation, viz. “The Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2004” which for the first time in Bharat introduced the concept of living without marriage known as “Live-In-Relationship”, which was the brainchild of militant feminist and Bharat’s foremost communist ideologue, Indira Jaising, who is an iconic woman amongst the college-going girls of Kerala; it has the highest per capita alcohol consumption amongst its male population; it has the highest number of loss of man-hours due to industrial unrest; it has organised the highest number of strikes and hartals at the instance of the CPI-M cadres at the drop of a hat; it has the highest number of Rationalist NGOs who attack everything dear to Hinduism and its faith system, branding them as ‘superstition’ and such Rationalists NGOs regularly carry on street activism like the “Mangalsutra Burning”, “Beef Festivals”, etc. in total defiance of the sentiments of the majority citizens of the country.
Political activism in Kerala starts at the High School level. In fact, the present CM of Kerala, Oommen Chandy, is credited to have the dubious distinction of carrying on the highest number of “Student Agitations” during his school and college days, qualifying him to become the CM of such a violent State. Sporadic political murders are a daily occurrence in the State, particularly in the northern District of Kannur from where all the communist stalwarts like AK Gopalan, Pinarayi Vijayan, etc. hails. Presently on account of the daily unabated murders, arsons and violence, such reports have lost its news-worthiness in the media, although the District is known amongst the Malayalees world over as “Killing Field”.
Kerala received a worldwide attention in 1956 when EM Shankaran Namboodiripad (popularly known as “EMS”), a top-class Brahmin, founded the “world’s first democratically elected communist government”. He lived and dedicated his entire life for the cause of popularising communism in the State. It was in 1945 during his college life that EMS was enamored by the success of implanting communism in the Republic of San Marino (a City State near Italy) that he focused every bit of his living moment, every breath that he took for espousing the cause of communism. His whole time, money, energy and efforts were directed to establish communist government in Kerala. For this purpose he adopted unprecedented down-to-earth strategies. Thus, with a view to wooing the Muslims of Kerala, he individually met each and every Muslim League leaders and sought their help for which he promised them, in return, that upon his assuming power as CM of the State, the Muslims would be allowed to carve a separate District for themselves. Accordingly, the District of Malappuram was created by him during his tenure as CM.
Malappuram located in the central part of Kerala is a miniature of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the Muslims are allowed to live undisturbed by carrying on the practice and propagation of Islam and to receive funding from wealthy Arabs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the District of Malappuram, one can find cow slaughter houses at every nook and corner and a thriving leather industry. The unwritten law strictly enforced by threat and social excommunication in the District is that if at all any Muslim of the District wanted to sell his land it should be offered to only Muslims. Similarly if at all any of the remaining Hindus of the District wanted to sell his/her land it should be bought only by the Muslim.
Similarly, with a view to wooing the Dalits of Kerala, EMS adopted various drastic steps for the appeasement of the Dalits. Thus, he described Mahatma Gandhi as a “Hindu Fundamentalist”. He fully agreed with the view of Kancha Illaiah, a self-proclaimed Dalit leader, that “Gandhi and his ‘Brahmin’ principles such as vegetarianism, swadeshi, cow protection, Brahmacharya and non-violence, etc. should be out-rightly shunned and discarded forever”. EMS also regularly visited the houses of Dalits and took part in their social functions at which dishes of beef were served which he partook, affirming to them with his purported logic that “there is nothing wrong in eating beef when one can eat mutton”. Thus, the hotels and restaurants run by Muslims and Christians across the length and breadth of Kerala started serving beef as a prominent unavoidable dish since the time communists captured power in the State in the 1950s.
EMS during his life time often described RSS as “militant organisation” without any shred of evidence and encouraged the CPI (M) workers to attack RSS cadres. It is a curious case of the CPI (M) workers belonging to Hinduism with its murderous violence-ridden ideologies of Karl Marx, Lenin and Mao attacking RSS professing ancient Sanathan Dharma and nationalist ideologies which one can never find in any human settlement at any point of time in the history anywhere in the world. It is precisely this reason that Kerala had become a fertile ground for the Islamic fundamentalism to entrench deeply in the social milieu of the State, the intensity and enormity of which has since then alarmingly grew in the state. Presently the State is regarded as the nursery of Islamic fundamentalism, financially and logistically supported by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Thus, in the recent past, a College Professor TJ Joseph’s right palm was chopped-off by Islamists for making a reference in a question paper concerning Prophet Mohammed, PBUH. Abdul Nasar Madani, who is regarded as the Bin Laden of Kerala and he and his wife are rated to have carried out large scale bombings, killings and destruction of properties in Kerala and in the neighboring States and who is presently languishing in jail in Karnataka is a coalition political partner-member, highly respected by all the communist stalwarts, including the present CM Oommen Chandy. It is these realities that the food preference of Muslims writ large in the State, which totally engulfed the vegetarianism of Kerala propagated by Hindu Saints.
It is pertinent to state here that similar to the grabbing of world-wide attention on the formation of the first Communist Government in Kerala in the democratic Bharat, it was in Kerala in post-independence of the country, which brought the first Islamic rule by Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) under CH Mohammed Koya, a hard-core Muslim fundamentalist. Strangely IUML was also a coalition partner in the defeated UPA Government at the Centre under the leadership of Congress party, although it was the former Congress Parliament who carried out the amendment to the preamble to the constitution of Bharat, thereby introducing the term ‘Secular’, although the Bharateeya Constitution had always been inherently secular on account of the ancient civilisation, equally embracing all the religions on the concept of Vasudeva Kutumbakam.
During the rule of IUML and by all the subsequent governments coming to power with the support of IUML, there were periodic overhauling of the books and other educational material prescribed for the educational institutions of the State funded by the government of Kerala. Thus, upon being discovered in any prescribed book or any reference carrying any negative portrayal of Islamic Intellectuals was out-rightly removed from the syllabus. [There are numerous instances of “book burning” campaigns by Muslim students of the State in this regard]. Similarly any study concerning Hindu warriors and saints were strictly prohibited in the name of ‘secularism’.
In fact it is only in Kerala that the text book concerning the life and time of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was banned throughout the State by a government Notification. It is pertinent to state here that during my childhood pursuing my educational life at a Government High School, I had to study the life of Hindu saints, warriors and Kings like Raja Harish Chandra, Shivaji, etc. whose lives were centered around human nature of compassion, love, spirituality, nationalism, moral philosophy, vegetarianism, etc. However, those studies were removed from the syllabus of educational institutions funded by the government and in their places books pertaining to the life and time of public prostitutes [like “The Autobiography of a Sex Worker” By Nalini Jameela); the life and time of notorious thief (like “The Autobio-graphy of Maniyan Pillai, The Thief”) etc. were introduced. Likewise, a compilations of poems, viz. “Ode to the Sea” authored by a Saudi Arabian fundamentalist who was active in the high ranks of al-Qaida, viz. Ibrahim Al-Rubaish alias Ibrahim Sulayman Muhammed Arbaysh, was a text book prescribed for the undergraduate students at Calicut University located at the heart of the Islamic District of Kerala, Malappuram, where 90 per cent of the regular students, staff, officers, VC, etc. are Muslims.
The Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez had opined that “Every country should have national heroes as otherwise it would be something like a house without doors”. Kerala, however, has no real State or Bharateeya national heroes. Its heroes were/are Marxist leaders of China, Russia, etc. and Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. Presently none of the youths who were born after the Communist Government consolidated power in the State knows anything about the ancient spirituality, human values-based scriptures, folklores and civilisation as they were consistently deprived of these studies of virtues by all the successive governments in the State in the name of “secularism”.
The question, therefore, of beef being regularly served at the Kerala House canteen at the far-off New Delhi, in direct contempt of the popular sentiments of the Hindus of Bharat as a whole, the threat held out by the Communist-minded CM of the State of dragging the Delhi Police to the court, etc. are to be taken in the light of the factors which evolved the historic unusual non-vegetarian food preference of Keralites.

Article Credits,The Organizer,2015/11/9

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