Sunday, August 8, 2010

Record bonus for Bevco employees, maximum of Rs 40,000

07 Aug 2010

Kollam: This year the employees of Kerala Beverages corporation will get record bonus. The director board has decided to give 22.5 % bonus with Rs 40,000 as the maximum limit. This is the record bonus in the history of the state, as in the pervious year that was 19.5 %.

As many as 3000 employees of Bevco will get the benefit. From MD to UD clerks will get Rs 40,000. Helpers and abkari workers will get Rs 35,000 and daily wage employees will get Rs 12,000. There are only 260 permanent employees and others are in deputation from various departments . The profit of Bevco in the previous year is Rs.150 crore.

Note: The Only Profitable Business in Kerala where politicians are the true benificieries - Poor Country men

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