Saturday, April 24, 2010

AG fails to submit Govt reply to CAT

Thiruvananthapuram: The government pleader had failed to submit to CAT the claims accumulated by the government against suspended cop, Tomin Thachankary and in this chief minister has sought an explanation from Advocate General. VS is displeased over the act of AG who send junior government pleader instead of him for the trial before Central Administrative Tribunal , neglecting CM's repeated demands to attend the trial himself.

The CM's office had asked AG to submit the reply statement to CAT, prepared by chief secretary with the detailed help of law ministry. It is also reported that CM also asked AG to present himself for the case. But this two were not happened. AG had not submitted the same and instead of him, he send a junior pleader to fought for the government.

The CAT had dismissed pleader's claims and ordered to stay the suspension of Thachankary, which put the government in shame. In this juncture that CM had decided to ask for explanation to AG. It is reported that CM after having detailed discussion with chief secretary and law secretary, made such a decision .

In the reply statement by chief secretery prepered as per the direction of CM, pointed out that Thachankary went for foreign trip by misapprehending the government. In his reply to chief secretary too Thachankary done the same, the statement alleged. Earlier when he went for Singapore trip without legal permission, he was given a warning not to repeat the same. Including this, many times Thachankady had revoked the law. The statement also added that both DGP and ADGP had in their report too reported the same. The statement after citing the verdicts of high court in similar cases, said that in such context the government had the authority to take action against an officer who is habitual offender. There is no political motivation behind his suspension, it said.

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