Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tanker explosion: death toll rises to 6

Kannur: With Ramlath and Geetha succumbing to injuries following the explosion of LPG tanker at Chala in Kannur, the death toll in the mishap has risen to six. Five out of the six deceased victims are women. Rama and Nirmala, died here Wednesday morning. They were under Abdul Aziz (55), a Chala resident and a woman who was identified as Sreelatha (47) are others who have been killed in the explosion. The condition of the injured are said to be highly critical. The tanker lorry was on its way to Kannur from Kozhikode when the incident occurred. Casualties could have been averted had the driver and cleaner of the vehicle informed the authorities on time and alerted the locals about the accident which happened at around 11 pm. The tanker overturned after hitting a divider near the Chala bypass junction in the Kuthuparamba-Kannur Road. The vehicle started emitting thick white smoke soon and exploded within 15 minutes. Around 20 houses and 10 shops nearby were gutted. Most of the injured were living in the houses nearby. The driver cabin of the ill-fated tanker was blown away and fell 30 metres away in front of a shop. Thirteen injured persons have been admitted to Pariyaram Medical College hospital. Twelve others have been admitted to Kannur AKG Hospital.

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