Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Krishna Iyer reacts on TP murder

 Kochi: V R Krishna Iyer who was the first law minister in the first EMS ministry said that it is really sad that CPM was being named in the killing of T P Chandrashekaran and feels ashamed to have entered politics. He was reacting to the murder of TP in angst.
He said there are vast changes happening in the CPM now though during the times of tiff between Pinarayi and VS nothing much changed. 'I'm saddened by this. I'm pained. A party which was formed by AKG and others painstakingly are undertaking murders by making a list. And this kind of news is really agrieving,' Krishna Iyer said with tears in his eyes.
'Does murder make socialism? Does blood make socialism? I feel like staying away from politics. If this is what politics is made of, then I would not have stepped into it. People's protection and their life is politics. The ongoing tiff between Pinarayi and VS are the root cause for many issues'.
Instead of working in unison, conflicts are happening. One says something and the other contradicts. That is not right. The strength lies in working in unison, said Krishna Iyer.

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