Thursday, January 5, 2012

Padmanabhaswamy temple - Dr M Velayudan Nair will replace Ananda Bose

New Delhi:The SC shifted Dr C V Anantabose, co-ordinator of the expert panel which was appointed to value the Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure. Head of the National Museum Institute Dr M Velayudan Nair will replace him.

The SC took the decision following the state request not to seek his services as Anantabose had retired from service. The court also endorsed the security appointed by the Devaswom unanimously.

The SC also flayed the state and the temple management for not taking proper security measures as directed by the SC.

Anantabose retired on September 20 and the state decided not to seek his services. Hence the state approached the SC to appoint Velayudhan Nair.

The SC opined in September 2011 that if the centre did not extend Anantabose's services, the state can decide to give him an extention for one more year as co-ordinator. The state wanted Velayudhan Nair to be appointed as co-ordinator and the SC complied to their request.

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