Thursday, January 26, 2012

New law in K'tka: Permanent resident should learn Kannada

Bangalore: The Karnataka government has begun proceedings on the rule that permanent residents from other states should learn Kannada. A direction on the same was issued by Karnataka development authority months before, which was formed for encouraging Kannada culture and language.The authority chairman earlier gave recommendation to those who are interested to become permanent resident should learn Kannada and be made mandatory.

Majority working in IT firms and other companies are from other states and especially Malayalees. Many are viewing it apprehensively. But some pointed out that implementation would be practically difficult as people won't get enough time to learn the language owing to busy work schedule. The authority stated that within one year the other state workers should pass Kannada equivalent to 7 th standard. They also sought to implement online learning facilities. Those who are interested to study can approach the authority. The authority also asked to make professional course like medical engineering course in Kannada which would affect lakhs of student from other states.

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