Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dam: Lime surki mixture not traced even after drilling 92 feet

Kumili: Though the Mullaperiyar dam was drilled 92 feet deep, a strong mixture of lime surki was not found. The digging was done as per the instruction of the SC-appointed Empowered panel to examine the dam. Lack of lime surki mixture proves that the portion made of it, is very weak now, approving the claims of Kerala.

The portion, which were marked earlier for examinations were drilled. The decision was to examine the strength of lime surki obtained after drilling. But even after drilling 92 feet no such mixture was found. The total height of the dam is 155 feet. The portion made of surki lime exists till 90 feet and the rest is made of rock portion.

Lime surki mixture is a mixture of surki stones and jaggery as there was no cement during that time in 1895. When there were suspicions over its strength in 1970, the dam was strengthened with concrete and now it is proved that dam is sustaining due to that. Experts got only sand and rock from the grilled areas. New borehole drilling started in 45-meter gallery of the dam on Wednesday. Drilling was done 2 feet deep here but lime surki was not found as it was strengthened with concrete.

TN PWD secretary Sai Kumar and Dam safety director Paneerselvom reached the dam when they came to know of not finding lime surki mixture. When Kerala was about to get evidence on the weakness of dam, the TN PWD official began efforts to stop the drilling.

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