Tuesday, January 12, 2010

750 Astro Tourists to view longest annular solar eclipse

Kochi: India's 'first Eclipse Cruise' will leave Kochi port tomorrow with about 750 Astro tourists to view the longest annular Solar Eclipse of the third millennium from Male in Maldives on January 15.

Space Technology and Education Private Ltd (SPACE), a pioneer organisation working for the development of science and astronomy in India, is organising the cruise along with Louis cruises on board M V Aquamarine.

The charges for the 'four day-3 night trip' would work to between Rs 17,000 to rs 50,000.

SPACE has launched Astro Tourism-the perfect mix of travel and astronomy in India for the first time and aims to bring together the exciting sphere of astronomy, space services and unravelling the wonders of the sky, Amit Verma, Chief Executive Officer SPACE, said.

The last time such an annular solar eclipse was viewed in India was on Nov 22, 1965 and the phenomena is not expected to be repeated before June 21, 2020. This will be the longest annular eclipse of the millennium with its duration being 11 minutes and 08 seconds over the Indian ocean.

The ship would leave Kochi for Maldives tomorrow at around 3 pm and reach Male the next day by around 5 pm. On Jan 15, on the day of the eclipse, the annularity (also known as ring of fire) would be visible for 10 min 46 sec. The eclipse will start at 10:15:20 peaking at 12:25:43 and ending at 13:23:14 (all Maldives local time), the organisers said.

'We would be carrying telescopes, binoculars to show deep sky objects, different galaxies, nebulae and star clusters' Verma said. PTI

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