Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 pc GDP for ten years will eradicate poverty : Kalam

Kochi : Former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam today said if the country could achieve a GDP growth rate of 10 per cent and maintain it for ten years, poverty could be eradicated.

Interacting with teachers on the occasion of the launch of the 'IGNOU-Pragati Finishing School for Teachers' here, Dr Kalam said '''education alone cannot eradicate poverty in the country but it could be wiped off by realizing the vision 2020 statement.'' He said the 'Vision 2020' statement envisages the development of agriculture, agro-based industries, education, healthcare and IT.

Reiterating the importance of teaching, Dr Kalam said the nation needs teachers who love the profession and help in generating quality youth, beneficial for the country.

He also called for a paradigm shift in the evaluation process of students, whereby the pupils were moulded as full-fledged citizens and equipped to face the challenges of life.

To a question thatwhy more people were not opting for the teaching profession, Dr Kalam said the teachers should be taken care of socially and economically, for more to come into the profession.

He said teachers should be particular about developing a creative mind for students. This would augur well for them in the future.

During his interaction with about 1,500 teachers, Dr Kalam also administered a 11-point oath to them. They encourage teachers to love their profession and mould an ignited youth, beneficial for the nation.

When asked about his dream, Dr Kalam said '' my dream is to see one billion smiles in our country.'' He also remembered his teacher Shivasubramanian Iyer who instilled an interest in him to learn more about 'flight' after his lessons on how a bird flew with its wings.

Dr Kalam also stressed the importance of teachers creating five minds --disiplinary, synthezising creative, respectful and ethical mind,in students.

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