Sunday, October 23, 2011

Santhosh Pandit’s success stuns critics / Deccan Chronicle

October 23, 2011 DC Kochi .aaa.Shareemailprint..Bewildering film industry pundits, Santhosh Pandit’s movie, Krishnanum Radhayum, has proved to be a huge hit with thousands thronging theatres and laughing their hearts out. Santhosh’s video songs, termed atrocious by mainstream critics, had earlier triggered lakhs of hits in the Internet. But the unexpected success of his equally ‘atrocious’ movie, — Krishnanum Radhayum — in which he has handled all departments except cinematography, has evoked mixed response among veteran filmmakers of the industry.

Hitmaker Lal Jose dismisses the movie’s success as evidence of Malayali’s taste for sarcastic pleasure. “In fact I had predicted the success of this movie much earlier,” he said. “People were curious to know what this unusual guy is going to do. But don’t take it to another level.” Aashiq Abu, another popular director, considers Santhosh not even a subject fit for discussion. “It is unworthy promotion to a man of his kind,” he said.

At the same time, Rajeev Pillai, leading model and actor, said, Krishnanum Radhayum is a worth watching just for the fun of it. But Santhosh takes it all in his stride. Mr. Pillai terms the criticism of industry bigwigs as just sheer jealousy evoked by his success. “I am sure none of these filmmakers who are condemning me have watched my film,” Mr. Pillai remarked.

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