Friday, June 21, 2013

Modi is the best leader, says former SC Judge V.R.Krishna Iyer

In an interview with Tamil magazine Kumudam, Justice Krishna Iyer praised Shri Narendra Modi and described him as the best leader. Justice Iyer credited Shri Modi for delivering a corruption-free Government in Gujarat. He also said that the people have given Modi the opportunity to serve them because of his administrative capabilities. Justine VR Krishna Iyer stands out as among the most distinguished stalwarts of the legal fraternity. He has served as a legislator, Minister as well as a Judge in the Honorable Supreme Court thus serving in the legislature, executive and the judiciary. He has also been associated with the Left movement in India. Speaking about the governance record of Modi, Justice Iyer said, “Is he not the one who has taken the solar usage to the common man in Gujarat?For the State budget if one door is shut, he lead it through alternative ways. He is not thinking over it for months.” Justice Iyer went on to say, “He has created more job opportunities in (the) State. He has shown ways for peaceful living of the people.” On being asked about the harmony among communities in Gujarat, Justice Iyer said, “Already there is communal harmony in Gujarat.” Justice Iyer saw Modi as a leader who can effectively serve the nation. He said, “Can’t one who has been guiding the State for three consecutive terms not guide the nation? Definitely he can.” Justice Iyer expressed confidence that Modi possesses the capacity to guide the nation. “India is going to develop under his leadership. These days are not off,” said Justice Iyer. In the interview, Justice Iyer expressed confidence that Shri Modi will take the nation to Gandhian ways. He also expressed faith that Modi will emerge out of various conflicts. Modi has met Justice Krishna Iyer on several occasions in Kerala. Justice Krishna Iyer and Shri Narendra Modi: An age-old association of respect Narendra Modi has shown deep respect to Justice Krishna Iyer, who has written letters to the Chief Minister praising him for his development initiatives. In 2011, Justice Iyer lauded Modi for his decision to donate the proceeds from all the gifts he receives as Chief Minister for promoting the girl child’s education. Modi wrote on his blog that he was overjoyed to read the letter from Justice Iyer. Later, in September 2012 when Modi completed 4,000 days of service as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he shared two more letters by Justice Krishna Iyer written to Shri Modi. In one of the letters Justice Iyer describes Modi as a creative administrator and a humanist wonder. In the other letter he also described Modi as a super patriot whose stature is beyond any political party.Writing on his blog, Modi wrote that he will cherish these letters for life. "Quoted from"

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