Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shawarma outlets close for week

Kochi: The Food Security Officials today issued notice to all 'shawarma' outlets in the city to close down for one week in view of the findings that many of the outlets functioning in the city were without proper hygienic conditions.

The government had intensified raids in hotels following the death of a youth after taking Shawarma from a hotel in Thiruvanthapuram two days back.
The officials asked the outlets selling the Arabic food shawarma, to prepare the food in glassed cabins and without such facilities, no outlets could be permitted to function.
The raid conducted in many major cities and closed three hotels in Kochi and one each in Thrissur and Kottyam after seizing decayed foods from the hotel, sources said.
Because of the delicious Arabic food, there was a huge demand for the food, particularly among children, and the shawarma outlets musrooms in each and every nook and corner of the state without adequate hygenic conditions, officials said.

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